The Power of Google Ads for Amazon Sellers & Why 25% of Amazon Sellers Use Google Ads


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The Power of Google Ads for Amazon Sellers & Why 25% of Amazon Sellers Use Google Ads

Amazon sellers are turning to Google Ads to drive traffic to their products since both companies are among the biggest in the world. Roughly 25% of Amazon sellers use Google Ads to increase their product clicks, purchases, and reviews. There is more to selling than Amazon's PPC system, which may surprise some.

One of the biggest reasons sellers turn to Google Ads is that they often find that Google gives the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to Amazon's PPC system. Additionally, diversifying traffic sources is another reason for using Google Ads. Another benefit of running Google Ads is that Amazon famously needs to give its sellers access to detailed customer information. However, run Google Ads and start with a landing page. You can collect any information you want, making remarketing a lot easier.

How do you run Google Ads for your Amazon store? The strategy is very similar to running them for any other eCommerce store. The first step is to improve your product as much as you can. Research your customers to see what they want and don't want most. Next, improve your landing page with persuasive copywriting, photos, and videos. Add conversion tracking to your non-Amazon landing page to get some data.

About campaign types, you can choose the ones that fit your product best. Given Amazon's rules, search campaigns are usually the best option. Use your assets (copywriting, photos, videos, etc.) to fill those campaigns. Collect data, assess data, do tests, and repeat indefinitely.

I want to let you know that you should avoid trying to run ads straight to your Amazon page. Instead, set up a landing page with buy buttons that go to the Amazon listing. As a result, you will comply with Amazon's terms and get usable data from your A/B tests.

The advantage of running Google Ads for Amazon is creating a new, higher-ROI traffic source. The disadvantage is needing to use your new landing page because Amazon need to be more flexible. It's worth testing to see if it's worth pursuing further for your store.

In conclusion, while Amazon's PPC system is a great option for sellers, Google Ads can also be a valuable tool. It can increase clicks, purchases, and reviews and increase ROI. Additionally, running Google Ads allows for detailed customer information collection for remarketing. With the right strategy and testing, running Google Ads for your Amazon store can greatly increase traffic and sales.

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