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    Our Google Ads Services can significantly boost your sales in the eCommerce sector. Key features include flexible budgeting, advanced targeting, and comprehensive measurement tools. With flexible budgeting, you can set a daily spending limit that aligns with your business needs. Advanced targeting options enable you to reach customers based on location, demographics, and interests. Our measurement tools allow you to track progress and ROI effectively. These features collectively enhance business performance by driving sales and maximizing ROI.


    Addiitional Note:

    Zeldigital not only serves businesses directly but also partners with marketing companies to manage their clients' Google Ads accounts within the Google Ads Manager Account. This collaboration ensures optimal performance and exceptional results across various industries.

    Google Search Ads Zeldigital Advertising Company

    Google Search Ads

    Target customers who are actively searching for your products / services on the world’s most powerful search engine

    Google Shopping Ads Zeldigital Advertising Company

    Google Shopping Ads

    Showcase your products to ready to purchase buyers shopping for your items using product listing ads

    GDN Google Display Ads Zeldigital Advertising Company

    Google Display Ads

    Re-target customers who have been to your website as they browse millions of websites across the internet

    YouTube Ads Video Advertising Zeldigital Advertising Company

    YouTube Ads

    Put your brand & message in front of viewers as they consume content on YoutubeUse a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story.

    Pmax or Performance Max ads Zeldigital Advertising Company

    Performance Max Ads

    Performance Max campaigns help you increase conversions across Google’s full range of advertising channels and inventory.


    First, we conduct a Digital Process audit to get an understanding of your current online presence and performance. This helps us identify any areas that may need improvement. Second, we have a strategy session to discuss your goals and objectives for your Google Ads campaign. We then research relevant keywords and create ads that are integrated with your website. Finally, we optimize your campaign to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck!

    Technical audit on your Google Ads Zeldigital Advertising Company


    A Full audit of past or current campaigns to determine areas of weakness and improvement

    Strategy Session Zeldigital Advertising Company

    Strategy Session

    Work closely with you to determine and execute the best PPC practices to reach your business goals. Whether it’s the lowest possible cost per acquisition or the highest amount of revenue.

    Keyword Research Google Zeldigital Advertising Company

    Keyword Research

    Extensive targeted keyword research to see popular and trending terms people are actively searching for relative to your product and industry.

    Integration Conversion Tracking analytics Zeldigital Advertising Company


    Link campaign to analytics and set-up conversion tracking to track results in real-time

    Ad Creation Zeldigital Advertising Company

    Ad Creation

    Create and write dynamic ads to increase CTR, set up ad extensions, and run A/B testing

    Ads Optimization Zeldigital Advertising Company


    Customize bid adjustments based on time of day, week, device, and location. Filter out negative keywords, A/B testing, ongoing support and live updating.

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